Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Control your Boot

If you want to have better control of your boot process in Windows (any version), get cozy with the available parameters you can specify in the boot.ini file.

You can find boot.ini in your root folder (mostly C:\). If you can't see it, enable showing hidden files: in Windows Explorer, go to Tools->Folder Options..., browse to the View tab and select show hidden files and folders.

The file should now be visible.

It can be edited with any text editor, such as notepad (although I recommend Notepad++ for it's superb code handling and multi-tab view).

Once you select the flags you need from this list, add it to the file and reboot.
Make sure you save a backup copy of the original file!

If after booting you experience weird or erratic behavior, restore the old file. If you can't boot into the normal OS, boot into safe mode, restore the boot.ini file and reboot.

I just added the /PAE to support the 4GB upgrade to my memory (alas, Windows XP only "sees" 3GB regardless...).

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