Saturday, July 28, 2007

Microsoft's answer to Bittorent?

Microsoft released today a new tool called Microsoft Secure Content Downloader (MSCD for short). The tool is described as
a peer-assisted download manager capable of securely downloading specific files.
  • MCSD is a peer-assisted technology. Each client downloads content by exchanging parts of the file they’re interested in with other clients, in addition to downloading parts from the server.
  • No matter how great the internet’s demand for the file, you will always be able to make progress downloading.
  • MSCD lets you download content quicker than is possible without peer assistance.
This, to me , sounds just like the definition of Bittorent.

Yes, again Microsoft joins the game later than the other players (IE anyone?), but if history tells us anything, they usually get it right in the end and leave competition well behind (Netscape anyone?).

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