Monday, July 9, 2007

Random Password Generator

We all need secure passwords, but suck at generating them. We always come up with names, or objects, or fragments of words that can be found in a dictionary.
With the ubiquitous computing power available today, brute-force algorithms
and Rainbow Tables allow any kid to break most of the passwords you can come up with in time to create some damage.

More problematic is protecting your wireless network. Not only was the WEP security protocol hacked to pieces, but now even WAP is in danger.

Why make it easier for hackers to tap your network? Use this great Ultra High Security Password Generator by the security guru Steve Gibson to generate absolutely random, long passwords. It can even generate 63 or 64 character-long passwords for your wireless network. Guaranteed to take a normal brute-force algorithm years to crack (until quantum computers come out :)).

PS: even after using a highly secured password, I highly recommend limiting the computers that can use your wireless network by their MAC address (refere to your wireless router's documentation).

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