Thursday, July 12, 2007

Skype for the Blackberry

Damian suggested that I write about Skype for the Blackberry, and I thougt it was a marvelous idea, since I've been happily using Skype for 3 years now.

For anyone who's been living in a cave, Skype is a free VOIP (voice over IP) software, that allows having voice (and most recently video) calls from one computer to another, free of charge, and from a computer to a domestic, or international phone - for a small fee (also known as SkypeOut).

Now it's available on the Blackberry (voice only, of course).
The benefit? most Blackberries come with unlimited data plans and a quite high phone plan. Now you get to screw the system: make voice calls on the data infrastructure.

The name of the application is iSkoot and you can read the announcement here.
Sadly, you have to register to download it - which I always find a hassle. It supports all Blackberries, 8800 included. But, according to Damian:

...the bad thing about it that I noticed is that it doesn't integrate with your phonebook so you actually need to type the phone you want to dial for SkyepOut or add contacts.
A better option I've been playing with is Eqo. This one does integrate with the BlackBerry phonebook and also gives you messenger capabilities (MSN, Yahoo etc), only thing is that it doesn't use Skype, but their own service so you need to put money there, but the good thing is that it works to make phone calls really nice.
Thanks Damian for the idea, allowing me to write about one of my favorite softwares. Please feel free to suggest other (tech-related) ideas and I'll do my best to accomodate.

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