Friday, July 20, 2007

Waiting for Harry Potter

Jet lagged as I am, I decided to stroll to the Borders shop next to my hotel and stand in line for the last, seventh Harry Potter book.

I like Harry Potter, but it's safe to say I'm not a rabid fan. I'm aware of the fact that I could probably get the book tomorrow with no line, for half-price in the US (cost me 12GBP) or less on Amazon. But having missed the big "let's stand in line for 2 days to be the first in the office to have an iPhone" event, I felt like doing this for the experience. And definitely, standing in line for a book, is a much worthy cause than standing in line for the gadget-du-jour (and here you thought I was 100% techy :)).

So, the book was released at midnight, July 21st 2007. Prompted by a countdown. I was way back in line. But since this is the UK, the lined advanced fast and in an orderly manner. No cutting, pushing, cursing etc. People kept other people's place in line if they had to go to the restroom or get a coffee. My line-neighbor offered to get me one. Seeing as this is the UK, we did have a string of drunk people from the neighboring pubs popping in once in a while to share their wisdom. The Brits do love their alcohol :)

So, got there at 11:50pm, got my book at 1:39am. All in all, not that bad. And managed to start reading a book while walking in circles in the store. It's Robert Harris's new book Imperium - I'll definitely get it when I'm back in the US.

More pictures of the line can be found here, or in my Picasa web albums (link on the right).

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