Saturday, August 25, 2007


Anyone who's ever traveled to or through Heathrow airport in London, UK (LHR), can testify that it's not a fun experience. The airfield is overburdened, long lines are the norm, lost luggage rate is one of the highest in the world. Expect to leave later than advertised, due to the long lines on the runways.

Add to that the heightened security status, and the fact they allow a single piece of luggage on the plane (in the US you can take one bag and your laptop - not so in London - where they'd be happy to check your bag and lose it later - see first paragraph) and you get a fine mess.

This Economist article lays down the reasons to this mess and hopes for a soultion within a year (or a t least for some traffic to be diverted elsewhere).

Oh, and just in case you thought differently, Gatwick is not much better, according to this article and recent personal experience (nearly 2 hours from arriving at ticket counter till after security).
What I personally try to do, if my destination is other than London, is to fly through another European capital (Frankfurt or Amsterdam) to a different UK airport (Birmingham, Bristol and Manchester are much nicer and quieter).

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