Saturday, August 4, 2007

Tech Podcasts

While I do try to read as much as I can to keep updated about tech news, a huge chunk of my life that I spent with no internet access. I mean, of course, the time I spend on airplane and in rental cars.

Well, no worries, since I can always take with me my trusted iPod Mini (green version - always reminded me of an Apple :) ), and equip it with the latest podcasts. A podcast is simply a media file (audio or video) attached to an RSS feed. Periodically (based on the author's schedule) such a file would be downloaded automatically to my PC. All that's left is to connect my iPod to the PC and let iTunes synchronize it.

But what if you don't have to have an iPod or even iTunes to listen/watch podcasts?
- Every MP3 player would do, and any RSS reader could download the media files.

So, what does a Traveling Tech Guy listen to?

Name Description Subscribe
(This Week in Tech)
By far my favorite. Leo Laporte's weekly panel of technology experts, discussing all manner of tech news.
My favorite is the cranky Jon C. Dvorak.
Leo has many podcasts and vidcasts out there. Try his site for more fun and technology.
David Pogue David is the New York Times lead technology columnist. While he's not always funny, he is always informed audio
Hak .5 A pair of Canadian hackers will show you how to hack everything: from wireless networks, to RFID chips, to gadgets.
No one is safe...
Cranky Geeks John C. Dvorak, crankier than ever, in his own show. audio
French Maid TV A bunch of "how-to"s, presented by sexy French maids. Guaranteed you'll watch every episode more than once ( learn, of course). video
Diggnation Kevin Rose (Digg's owner) and Alex Albrecht discuss the latest news on Digg, while slowly getting drunk of exported beers on a sofa. This show is so funny that people on airplanes tend to look up when I start snickering :). video
Geekbrief.TV Light-on-the-eye Cali Lewis delivers 3 minutes of daily gadget news. While she doesn't drink, her peppiness suggest too much sugar in her diet :) video
And now, for something completely different (non-tech)
Wallstrip An interesting take on rising stocks. Funny, informative, innovative. And a great host :) video
Ask a Ninja A "ninja" answers questions in one of the funniest podcasts out there. video
History Podcast Every week, a new subject/period/occasion in history is discussed. The amount of general knowledge I got out of this constantly-improving podcast, is enormous. audio
Tiki Bar No description - has to be seen to be believed. video

How to use the table:

  • Links on the right are subscription links. Add them to iTunes or another RSS reader.
  • If you don't like the formats (audio, video) I've selected, many of the podcasts offer different ones. Use the links on the left to browse to the homepages of the podcasts and locate your favorite format.
  • The homepages would also allow you to download single episodes, without subscribing. Try before you buy :).
  • Videos can be watched on your laptop, if your player lacks video capabilities.
  • Find more podcasts in either iTunes or at Podcast.Net.
  • Finally, if you'd like to subscribe to the entire list (and a few more) mentioned above, download this OPML file into your reader.

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