Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Vote - It's Your God Given Right!

Dear readers,
Less than 3 weeks left to vote on what you'd like this blog to look like.
So far, only 3 readers have voted. Your vote will help me decide what should stay in the blog, which subjects I should concentrate on etc.
One of the ideas I was toying with is transferring all the .Net and Software Development related material to another blog, so people interested in travel, gadgets and technology news, can stay here, without being bothered by huge pieces of code, or threatened by strange buzzwords like CardSpace.

But ultimately, it's up to you... So please vote -> link on the right hand side, under the Google Search field.
And remember my dad's favorite sentence: "if you vote for nothing, you get what you vote for" :)

Other changes to the blog:
  • A new email is available for comments, requests, suggestions and other blog-related activities to be announced later. The email address is (the reason I don't include a link is because of address harvesting spam programs). More about it in a later post. Of course, you are always encouraged to leave comments (can be anonymous), so other people can share your opinion.
    Please clearly state in every email whether it's Ok to post your letter as a comment.
  • A disclaimer was added, to reflect my responsibilities and commitment.
  • The archive is now indexed daily, instead of monthly.
  • A Permalink has been added to each post, so you can bookmark individual posts.
  • A little envelope icon at the bottom of the post will allow you to email that individual post to a friend.
  • Several template changes are planned, which will include some dynamic content and maybe a reader's corner - stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

is "vote for nothing" called "voiding"?