Saturday, September 8, 2007

Find a Location by IP (100th Post)

Ohad is the first person to submit a request for a post. He'd like to know how he can get a location (country/state/city) from an IP.
There are several easy (and free) ways to achieve that and plenty of sites that provide this lookup as a service. One of them is IP2Location. This service was used by Virgil to locate the organizations that tempered with Wikipedia entries. Try it now:

You can find plenty of other such services using this Google search. I tried several and they get my IP right, but one claims I'm in Hartford, Connecticut. Another claims I'm in Oklahoma. The closest they get is San Jose, CA (about 10 miles away). It's important to remember that these services rely on reverse tables of IP ranges and as such, may not be accurate. But they will identify the correct country 99% of the time.
My last recommendation is a tool called Visual WhoIs 2004 that shows the entire route from your computer to the requested IP, on a map.

Rememebr you can use TOR to escape such services, if you don't want your real IP traced.
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