Sunday, September 2, 2007

I Need YOUR Help!

Since it looks like I may actually move the more technical stuff to another blog, I need a (sort of) company name. Well, not really a company, I can't really register an "Inc." without having a friendly visit from the IRS and I don't really intend to generate revenue.

But I do need a name for my domain (using my name was a sort of default). And I sold the graphically-creative part of my soul to the devil, in exchange for the ability to read assembler.

So, if there's a creative soul out there, that can suggest a good name and maybe even design a logo, submit it to and I'm sure a reward of some sort can be arranged.

Disclaimer: Must be 18 or older to participate. Must have written note from mommy. Contest is legal in the US, Europe, Asia, Australia, America - but not Antarctica. Void where prohibited. Don't you just hate these stupid disclaimers? :)


Anonymous said...


I think the forum works well the way you have it today. Personal blog entrys as well as relevant tech info. If i as in your shoes i wouldnt change it and just keep it going the way you have it today.


Traveling Tech Guy said...

Hey Rich,
Thanks for the supporting advice. I may just continue like this for a while, but I do notice that the blog's focus tends to vary from the mundane travel story to the extremely technical .Net technology. This might make it a bit hard to get a steady following.
Another idea that I had was to have an extremely focused and technical blog dealing with .Net, programming and problem resolution. And maybe monetize it somehow down the (very long) road...

But don't worry - even if I split the blog in two, I'd make it easy to receive notifications from both and will cross-reference often.