Sunday, September 2, 2007

Rate This Post

As promised, here's the next template change: ratings. Look for the stars at the footer of every post. Similar to Amazon (or almost every content-driven site), you can now rate each post, based on how much you liked it, based on the following scale:

Here's how the widget works:
  • By default, it shows the current rating of the post.
  • Hover over it, to submit your own rating (by dragging your mouse from left to the right, the star count increases).
  • Click the tiny i icon that appears, to get a summary of how many people rated the post and the average rating.
You can now go back and rate posts you've liked, or found useful - rating is now available for ALL posts. Please rate as much as you can. Once enough ratings are in, I'll add a box showcasing the current top 5 rated posts.

Post rating is provided by JS-Kit and Blogger integration is covered by this nice blogger.

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