Monday, September 24, 2007

Steal from Microsoft

A new Office 2007 promotion campaign from Microsoft is called "The Ultimate Steal".
It allows you to purchase the Office 2007 suite for $60 (yep, you read it right - the suite usually retails for around $680).

To be eligible, you have to have a .edu email address and be an actively enrolled student.
While I can see how Microsoft can verify the first, I think the second is quite hard to verify (so, if you still have your old college address, or know someone who's still in college - get them to register for you :)).

Why does Microsoft drop 90% of the price of its leading product? Microsoft's philanthropy is usually displayed elsewhere, and huge discounts are not their forte.
What it is, according to some experts, is Microsoft fearing that students will either pirate their software, or even worse realize that there are alternatives out there (like Open Office, Zoho, Google Docs - to name a few) that provide the same features as MS Office and are (gasp) free to boot. And one day, these students will graduate into the business force, with the "wrong" idea that you can edit your documents with no Microsoft software around. Nope - better hook them up while they're in college...

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