Monday, October 15, 2007

Ah, the Wonderful Town of Zoetermeer!

After an uneventful flight to Houston and a sleepless flight to Amsterdam, I finally arrived at Schiphol airport. I sat next to a cool Swedish marketing guy (hi Denis!), who works for a sports equipment company. We had a lot in common (travel, favorite shows, he's a Mac addict like me), but after a while, he discovered I'm an IT consultant and tried to get my opinion on which CRM system his company should purchase. I pointed him at some options - some are current costumers of ours :)

It made me feel a bit like a doctor or a lawyer at a party: everyone has just one little question... I should start charging for the occasional professional advice :) I'm kidding of course - feel free to ask me anything.

Well, 3 trains later (apparently, the woman at railway information sent me to the wrong train), I got to Zoetermeer, close to Den Haag (or The Hague. The word "The" is actually part of the city's name, translated into English as "the bush"). The reason you don't see any picture here, is because there's nothing to take a picture of. A gray, dreary industrial town. Oh well, 4 more days to go :)

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