Monday, October 29, 2007

The Big Drive in the Sky

A couple of days ago I've described a way to utilize your GMail space as storage. Today, I found myself in need of sharing a large (over 10Mb) file with a colleague. Rather than utilize FTP, I decided to try SkyDrive, Microsoft online storage.

A very easy way to manage online files, SkyDrive allows you to create folders, upload files and share them with specific people or with the rest of the world. Visitors can either change the file or access it as readers only.

To use SkyDrive you need a Live ID (the same one used for Hotmail, and the other Live services). This will buy you 1GB of online storage (here's hoping that Microsoft will increase it in the future, a-la Google's 4.5GB GMail accounts).

One piece of advice: the automatic email sent to a person, when you share a file with him, tends to be flagged as spam by mail clients. Make sure you email the link to your friends from an email address they trust.


Anonymous said...

A-propos WEB storage - Someone knows what happened to ?

Traveling Tech Guy said...

Probably went the same way of all the .com sites that promised free storage and revenue by ads :)

Gal Granov said...

fucking drive is not available in "my region".

damn Microsoft.

Traveling Tech Guy said...

Have you heard of TOR? Try: