Friday, October 5, 2007

Book Recommendations

I realized pasting Amazon links into posts makes them unwieldy (and later un-editable, as Amazon uses iframes to host those links on my blog).

But I still want to share my reading recommendations with my readers - and hence this widget on the left. In it, will be every book I'll discuss in my posts. The only rule is: I'll only show books that I FULLY READ AND RECOMMEND, that is, if I read something and it's not good - it won't be there. If I'm in the middle of something, generally it won't be there (unless I was wowed).

Mostly, these books will be IT, programming or marketing related, but expect some fiction recommendations as well. I'm working my way through 2 works of fiction right now - and if they're good - they'll appear on the widget. If the widget is well accepted, I'll add one for movies and gadgets (currently in the process of buying HD-DVDs for my collection and I could recommend some).

Here's how the widget works:
  • Hover over a book to get it's full name, price, and a short recommendation from me (if you want the full text, you'll have to find the matching post).
  • Click on it to jump to Amazon and buy it.
  • As new recommendations come in, old ones pushed down, and to the next pages.
  • If you're reading my posts over RSS or Email feeds, you'll have to browse in once in a while - to see what you're missing :)
If you buy a book through this widget, I'll get 4% of what you've paid, in Amazon store credit (and believe me, we're talking peanuts here - this is not why I'm doing this - see disclaimer).
Oh, and this is my chance to say THANKS to the anonymous reader who bought Joel's "Smart and Gets Things Done" book off my site. Drop me a note. I'm dying to know if you've liked it.

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