Thursday, October 11, 2007

Few More Blog Updates

Here are a few short updates to the Traveling Tech Guy:
  1. A list of the 5 most favorite articles has been added on the right. The statistics are based on search engines data. I may publish some of it soon, so you'd get a feeling about your fellow blog readers.
    Right now, number 1 on the list is 1-800-BIG-SCAM - I guess scam attempts are up. Most people reach it by searching for one of the 800 numbers mentioned in the post.
    Number 2 is my American Express RFID post. The data is from the last month only, so numbers are a bit skewed. The situation will improve over time.
  2. A link to fave this blog on Technorati - right now I have 5 references. Technorati is a Technical Blog aggregator. Give it a try and fave the blog :)
  3. The number of ads has been cut down. All I have right now are 2 Google ads and a GetACoder banner in the header.
    Give it a try - you can either offer your services as a freelance developer, or hire freelance developers through the site. Become a subscriber by clicking the banner.

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