Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Fix Your Finder Crash

This is a Mac OS post - Windows posts will continue after the break :)

For several months I've suffered from a chronic problem on my Mac: upon right clicking a file in Finder (Finder is the main windows manager program in Mac OS - can be compared to explorer on Window. Actually, explorer was built based on Finder :)), about 1 in 4 times, Finder would crash.

Unlike Windows, the Mac OS is very resilient and Finder would restart itself, but this became annoying. Finally, I found the answer today in one of Apple's support forums.
Turns out, certain programs register themselves as "Context Menu items", by inserting plugin into a certain folder (HD/Library/Contextual Menu Items). The plugin for StuffIt (the Mac version of WinZip - actually preceded WinZip by at least 5 years) does not behave well. Removing it from there solved the problem. Thank God there's no registry to wade through :)

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Jawa said...

Actually, it depends on the version of Stuffit you're using.
Anything higher than 9.x should be disregarded or viewed as dangerous... at least until Leopard (I don't know if Stuffit 9.x is viable there). Still and all, v10 is total crap.
The one Item that HAS to be outlawed is MagicMenu. They NEVER got it right, whatever the vers you consider, even back in the pre-OS X days.