Saturday, October 13, 2007

Get What You Need From Tech Support

Yes, we're all big technology buffs. We know how to take our computer appart blindfolded, install 3 different operating systems and look at a core dump to find the root cause of a blue screen.

But when something goes wrong, when a piece of software or hardware misbehaves, we're reduced back to elementary school when talkink on the phone with your friendl tech support represenative.

"Is it connected to power?", "Can you please restart it?", "Are you sure it worked before?" are some questions that can drive you mad. Couple that with the fact most tech support departkments are handled in parts of the world where English is not a first language, and you've got an explosive situation in the making.

ExtremeTech published these 10 tips oif dealing with Tech Support (the link points to the printer-ready version, to save you repeatedly clicking "next"). I especially liked the image attaced to the article, presented here for your enjoyment :)

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