Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hillary Visits the Traveling Tech Guy

Those of you who browsed my blog late Saturday night, could have seen this banner. Please pay attention to the "Ads by Google" caption. Just wanted to make you aware of the fact that I don't control the content of these ads.

I just give Google a 200X200 pixel square, in which to display their ads. Basically, all I can do is ask for certain categories (and Google's interpetation of those is quite wide - observe a political ad in a "technology" spot) and that no adult content be displayed.

I have nothing against Mrs. Clinton, and I wish her good luck in the coming elections, but this is an a-political blog (other than my own personal politics. So, I love freedom - sue me :)). If anyone ever finds any offending banner on my blog, look for the "Google" caption - I'm blameless :)

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