Thursday, October 18, 2007

Last Night in Amsterdam

Boy, jet lag hits you harder the older you get. I can't remember a single trip to Europe where I was more tired than now. Luckily, this lethargic state did not harm my work (yay! I can still develop a web service that uploads a binary file in 10 minutes!), but I've been pretty much done at the end of every day. Hence, no pictures from this European trip.

Sadly, the hotel (if it can be called such) was horrible. Apparently the words "clean", "comfortable", and even "sanitary" are not in this hotel's lexicon. I switched room once, got more of the same and gave up. Avoid the Golden Tulip in Zoetemeer like the plague (or you may end up getting one).

Tonight I'm staying at the Courtyard by Schiphol airport. Pretty decent. I don't intend to write a column on hotel qualities and differences between continents, but I guess I got spoiled by some of the hotels in the US, enough to forget the single beds (Queen-size? King-size? - forget about it) of Europe.

Enough with the complaints. Tomorrow, I'm starting my long trip home. I didn't want to finish this week without a technical post, so my next post will be a digest of sorts, cramming together several (non-related) items.

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