Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Very Funny, Apple - Not!

I guess someone at Apple must have thought he was very funny.

If you're using the new Leopard system (reviewed here), and connect your Mac to a network with Windows PCs on it, the icon that will represent the PCs is a monitor with a BSOD ("Blue Screen of Death") on it (see the image on the left, named public.generic-pc.icns).

Of course, all Apple users believe their operating system is better than the competition. But this, too me (a Mac user and a Windows developer) looks extremely smug and childish.

And of course, there remains the point that this would have been much funnier, had Mac OS users haven't experienced BSODs of their own when first installing Leopard.

If you have Leopard installed, and like me, you think this icon is immature, follow the steps outlined here to change the icon.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if it's really that immature. My current PC BSODed about 3 times the first day I got it brand new. These days it's totally random. Sometimes I can go a month without it, some times it likes to BSOD all week. As a PC user (now ordering a mac for the first time), this icon will be instantly recognizable as the PC on my network.

Traveling Tech Guy said...

Craig, first of all, welcome to the Mac family.

I can definitely agree with you that Windows has many more device problems than Mac (probably because the system is much more open and allows many more devices than a tightly-guarded-Apple-provided-hardware-only Mac). And I've seen (and still see) my fair share of BSODs.

But it's one thing to laugh at a rival and another to make part of your product mock him. Apple had it's fair share of SNAFUs. If you read my other post, and follow the link to the Apple support site, you'll find that several hundred people expereinced a BSOD when installing Leopard.

When all is said and done, Mac OS is the stablest, friendly and useful OS out there, so you will not regeret your choise.

Anonymous said...

If he read my other post and follow the link to the Apple support site.