Sunday, November 18, 2007

Day Trip to Coe Park

Fall is here. Leaves are changing their colors to amazing reddish hues, before falling into my patio. It's still sunny, but distinctively colder. In such weather, my friend Gil and I decided to go and hike in Coe park.

Coe park is the largest park in northern California. With varied terrain, ranging from mountains to woods to lakes. You can go hiking, biking, fishing, or strolling. Read more about it here.

Even from afar, we could see a cloud sitting at the top of the mountain where the park is. But, it being sunny and all, we proceeded up the 10 mile winding road (be sure to honk your horn when arriving at blind turns - the road is barely wide enough). The higher we went, the worst our visibility got. We debated turning around several times, but there was no space to turn. We got all the way up, to the park's gate. Got out of the car and realized we can't see our hands in front of our face, due to the fog.

We abandoned our hiking plans and slowly drove down the mountain to Coyote Lake. And it might as well been in another continent. The sun was shining, people were sitting by the lake's side and even windsurfing across it.

I found it very funny, that the bridge we crossed to get back to the road, had a "Do not jump off bridge" sign (I wonder if guns have a "do not shoot yourself" warning). We even saw some deer at the side of the road, finally explaining this sign that I've been seeing all over the US.

We ate a nice lunch at the Pasta? (yes, the ? is part of the name) Italian restaurant in Mountain View, where the nice waitress spoke to us in Italian and tried teaching us how to order and pay in that language. All in all, a nice way to spend one of the last sunny days of this year.

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Looks like a nice day trip.