Saturday, November 3, 2007

Go Bears!

My office has a nice tradition: every Friday, in season, 2 football tickets, to either the SF 49ers, or Cal Bears, are raffled out. I've tried twice and didn't get them. This Friday, I was off work, but had to go through the office to submit an expense report. On a whim, I threw my name in the box. And 2 hours later got the email informing me I got 2 tickets to see the Cal Bears take on WSU.

My company is one of the Bears sponsors, so I got good seats and a free parking pass close to the stadium in Berkeley. I've never been to a college football game before, but I've enjoyed every minute of it.

I've purchased a blue-and-gold Cal T-shirt, to fit with the rest of the fans. I've cheered as if it was my own home team and enjoyed every new experience. From the pre-game show and marching band:

to the first Bears Touchdown:

I've had a wonderful time. More pictures can be found here. And the game description (Bears won 20-17) can be found here. And, for a wonderful experience, I'd like to thank (click to enlarge)

PS: and now for something completely different. This is my 198th post and I'm looking to write something special for number 200. Any ideas? Drop a comment or an email - and get a credit ;)


Anonymous said...

seems a bit empty out there.
not many fans?

Anonymous said...

close to the stadium? My legs disagree.Yet , for some reason , distances in america becomes shorter then other countries. Probably einstein could shed some light on this.

I join Guy's between the line message: If you haven't been to a football game before , go for the experience.