Tuesday, November 6, 2007

No More Freebies

Microsoft today fired it's CIO and VP, Stuart Scott, for "violation of company policies".
Here's a link to the original Mary Jo Foley article.

Mary Jo is a reporter covering Microsoft almost exclusively. She has many inside contacts and over the years I've read her columns to get some insights about trends and intentions in Microsoft. She's been very good in the past in predicting which division is in favor, which technology is not long for this world. And let's admit it, she gets the best Microsoft gossip from her insiders.

But if you read her post, with all the original additions and deletions, you'll see even she couldn't figure out what did Mr. Scott do to deserve such a kick in the butt. Well, this MarketWatch post, hot from the oven (written an hour ago) exposes Scott's sin: "
Scott was charged with the distribution of Microsoft products among employees."

Ouch! confused Ok guys, no more freebies from me. Forget about all the swag, squeezy toys and free licenses for our software. I'm not giving anyone anything anymore.

Now, unless it later comes out that Scott did much more than that, or that he was about to be let go anyway, I fail to see the big sin of comping workers with some licenses to products they work on (unless, of course, he was giving out Xbox consoles wink).

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