Monday, November 12, 2007

Win $10 Million from Google

Google today released the Android SDK for hand held devices.

The SDK will work on x86 systems (Windows, Mac OS X, Ubuntu) and will allow development of mobile applications. Google hope it would become a valid alternative to Windows Mobile, Symbian ad the other mobile OS out there.

Google has taken a further step in encouraging the development community to adopt the new framework, by offering prizes, ranging from $25k to $275K (totaling $10m) to individuals developing Android applications. A committee would judge apps and award the prize money.

This, to me, sounds like the best approach for companies with new technologies, or paradigms to push. Spread some incentives (money, comps, licenses etc.) and tie the strong open source community to your product.

A call to Microsoft: take a page out of Google's book. With .Net Framework 3.5 coming out this month, why not encourage people to pick it up?

Update: apparently, not everyone is taken with Android. Here's Scoble's post on the subject. To summarize it, he thinks Android is vaporware and does not really risk iPhone, with its impending SDK.

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