Wednesday, December 19, 2007

An Interview with Mark Russinovich

If you want to hear about the future of Windows technologies, the internals of Server 2008 and the future of Windows 7, look no further than this interesting interview with Mark Russinovich.

Mark is the founder of SysInternals who joined Microsoft as a Research Fellow. He is considered one of the foremost authorities of everything "internals".

In this interview he discusses joining Microsoft (loved the question: "how does it feel like joining the Death Star?" biggrin), his job description (manages no one, has no deadlines, studies new technologies and attempts to direct his colleagues in the right direction. Sounds like what I would like to do. Anyone from Microsoft reading this? A link to my resume is on the upper right corner biggrin) and the way new OS kernels will be designed.

Along the way he touches on new technologies like SSD, NUMA, HyperV (Microsoft version of the Hypervisor paradigm) and their impact on future versions of the OS. In one of the most interesting parts of the interview, Mark takes to the whiteboard and draws the structure of the x86 kernel and its relations to HyperV.

You can get the interview here as a streamed video, downloaded video or MP3 file.
I recommend watching it to anyone involved in developing for the Windows platform.

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