Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Vote Counts!

I just can't believe this coincidence!
Yesterday, I blogged about Google urging it's shareholders to vote against 2 resolutions that will make it harder for them to cooperate with despotic regimes (see Technological Digest XII) and today I get a letter from my broker, reminding me to render my votes for the upcoming Google Annual Meeting of Stockholders.

I completely forgot I get to vote on this subject. Granted, I may not have a lot of stocks or impact, but I can do my best to make this world slightly better, and help Google remember that its motto is "Do No Evil".

If anyone in my audience holds any Google shares from before 3/11/08, please vote "For" on resolution 4 (prevent internet censorship) and "For" on resolution 5 (create a committee to deal with human rights violations).

You can render those votes over a web site or phone, but I think this is interesting and important enough to attend the meeting in person. Also, Googleplex is just across Hwy 101 from me :)

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