Sunday, July 20, 2008

Another Week Goes By

Haven't blogged in over 2 weeks now. I was extremely busy flying to customers at Vegas and Austin. I pulled my first all-nighter in 7 years, working on a customer's production environment from 10pm to 1pm the day after, and let me give you this advice: at the end of every energy drink high, there's a "who shut my brain off" low rolleyes.

Also allow me to recommend the flash video at TheWebSiteIsDown - if you were ever in IT, or support, you'll find this hilarious. Although it's probably more so at 4:30am, surrounded by other IT people smile.

So, what do I have for you this week? We'll start with a digest, which would probably have more items than usual - my collection is bursting.

We'll continue with a description and a review of the laptop I got 2 weeks ago (and since returned) - what did I get, why did I get it, should you get it and why was it returned.

Finally we'll delve a bit into a software development related post about the importance of installers. It's a piece I have to write, since I consider it an important issue to developers, managers, and users.

So, on with the show...


avi said...

Instead of energy drinks (what happened to the plain old cup of coffee?...) try eating fats (nuts, for example), and avoid carbs.
Coming to think of this, maybe the high amount of sugar in the energy drinks was responsible to the "somebody please kill me" feeling you have gracely experienced...

Traveling Tech Guy said...

Actually, it was a sugar-free, low-carb 10 calories drink. And a coffee at 3am is a sure way to screw up your brain :)