Friday, August 29, 2008

The Case of the Overheating Graphics Card

Since switching to Vista, I'm getting used to the quirks and little issues you run into in this "superior" operating system (here's a link for you on that subject).

One of the issues I've started encountering more and more lately is a blank screen, usually following my closing and opening the laptop lid. After about a minute, my desktop re-appears, with the message "Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered".

Clearly, this has something to do with the Nvidia Quadro 135M graphics card, included in my new D630 as a standard. Up until now, I was sure only the Nvidia 84xx and 88xx series suffered from the case of the overheating GPU. But then I ran across a list of Dell model numbers suffering from the same issue:

Sadly, mine is right up there (and so is my ex-laptop, the D620). According to this article, Dell has offered to extend the warranty of all laptops on this list by a year. Nvidia, in the meantime, is not responding to any queries and denying this is a global issue.

Leading me to hope that Nvidia takes a major hit on this from laptop manufacturers and the public. Screwing up is one thing - we all do that from time to time (just ask Steve Jobes about the failed MobileMe launch). Lying about it is completely unacceptable.

While getting my graphics card or motherboard replaced is just one phone call away, I'll wait awhile and see if things improve. In the meantime, thank you Dell for taking a swift action, and sc$#w you Nvidia for not owning up to your mess.

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