Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Universe 1 : LHC 0

2 weeks ago, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), humanity's largest physics experiment ever, came online. Doomsayers immediately warned that such experiments can potentially create a tiny black hole, that would swallow the Earth - and maybe the entire Universe. People were counting down to the experiement's start. And nothing happened - we're still here.

But the Universe had the last laugh (for now): a circuit got burned down in the LHC. Because it was in a frozen part of the Collider, the temperature has to be risen, if technicians are to fix that circuit. And then the whole area has to be re-frozen. Bottom line: according to this latest CNN item, the LHC will close down in November and won't be restarted until next spring.

So our Universe managed to survive 6 more months smile. And to all those genius scientists at CERN who designed this expensive (6 billion Euro) experiment: couldn't think about this in advance? And what will you do when the next circuit breaks?

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