Monday, December 29, 2008

Microsoft Product Code Tracker

I've been following Mary Jo Foley's Inside Microsoft blog (and earlier, her column), for years now. She has enough sources in Redmond, and enough knowledge about Microsoft, to call some of their moves well in advance.

Last month at PDC, I was overwhelmed by the number of technologies, products, frameworks, initiatives, etc. that were announced. Mary Jo's latest column attempts to put some order to the mess, by including a Code Tracker document, spelling out the code names, meaning and projected release date of each technology:
Can't keep Midori straight from MinSafe? Unsure how Red Dog, Cosmos and Zurich fit in Microsoft's cloud OS picture?

Tracking Microsoft's myriad codenames is an (almost) full-time occupation. And Mary Jo Foley knows that better than anyone, as she spends many of her waking hours tracking down the latest names in the hopes of being able to better keep tabs on what's coming next from the Redmondians.
Here's a link to the helpful PDF file (I copied it to my SkyDrive, just to save you the need to register to ZDNet to get it).

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