Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Vista SP2 Beta Available

Microsoft just announced that the beta for SP2 for Vista and Windows 2008 will become available to MSDN subscribers on Thursday (they call it CPP = Customer Preview Program).

The installer will include the SP for both operating systems, as well as all previous updates since SP1.

Amongst the new features you can find:
  • Better Wi-Fi connectivity (as well as a new Wi-Fi connection wizard called WCN = Windows Connect Now)
  • Support for non-Intel CPUs (Like the 64bit VIA)
  • Support for Bluetooth 2.1 (including BT stereo etc.)
  • Support for a new file system called exFAT (sounds like a diet plan to me smile) for Flash memory devices
  • Hyper-V support for better virtualization
  • An improved installer that can remove software and restore the macine to pre-SP2 state
Read this for a full list, including download sizes and installation instructions. Noticeably missing are any promisses of performance iimprovements. For that you'd have to wait for Windows 7, I guess wink.

Microsoft would like everyone to install and test the beta as soon as possible, and start sending them feedback. Rumor has it that the proposed release date is April '09.

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