Sunday, April 5, 2009

How to Show Off your XBox 360 Avatar

Ok, here's a fun post. If you want to show you XBox 360 avatar, and/or game cred, on your web site, you can take one of four approaches:
  1. Gamer Card

    This is the traditional gamer card.

  2. Gamer Card NXE

    This is the new gamer card, with the New XBox Experience avatar.

    Xbox Live GamerCard

  3. Head

    This is empty for my profile, for some reason.

  4. Full

    And this is my self-designed avatar. It's slimmer than me (he must be hitting gym while I'm on the road smile) but I really like his glasses and general attitude:

To get any of them on your site, simply "view source" on this post, search for the words in the header (like "NXE") and copy the HTML of the method you like, replacing my gamer tag with yours.

OK, so now you know my gamer tag and the way I look (or wish I looked wink). Feel free to challenge me on XBox Live.

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