Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Filler Post

I just looked at my blog and realized I haven’t updated it in nearly a month.

And what a month it was. A lot of traveling and a lot of tech happened. Probably the less prominent thing that happened to me was that I was laid off. Other than that, I travelled like crazy, added new devices to my home network, launched a consulting company, risked my life, rode a mule, fished trout, climbed a volcano and many more exciting things, each deserving it’s own post.

And I promise I’ll dedicate posts to:

  • my trip to Ecuador
  • my trip to Oregon
  • my visit to Atlanta, and the Georgia Guidestones
  • my new NAS and other gadgets…

All in good time. Once I’m completely out of my contract with my current employer (sometime towards the end of June), I’ll dedicate a post or two to why it is not enough to have the greatest software in the world to succeed. Come to think of it, it might merit writing a book :)

I leave you now with a map of the places I visited over the last couple of weeks:

View Traveling Tech Guy 5/09 in a larger map

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avi said...

בחור חרוץ :))