Sunday, June 28, 2009

Some More Funny Pictures

In my travels I see many things that make me laugh, and I try to snap a shot of them, yet I have no one category to bundle them other. Therefore, without no connecting thread, here are some pictures I took over the last few months:

1. Why is this car smiling at me?

2. Doesn't this building in Tel Aviv look like it's about to take off?

3. How do you "send away" bees? (was posted at my local Borders)

4. This bike looks so strange, that even its owner recognized it in the license plate:

5. I saw this one outside a hospital. It really put a large smile on my face:

6. Finally, not that funny - but still interesting. Have you ever wondered what an earthquake would feel like at the top floor of an apartment building? Here's a video I took while visiting one of my customers that deals with risk assessment:

Short explanation:
The building on the left is re-enforced, per the California 197? code, the one on the right (taller) isn't. The simulator creates an effect similar to an 8 Richter scale wave. The graph on the top shows the left building's G-forces, the one in the middle that of the right. People on the top floors of the right building will not survive - even if their building doesn't break - they'll be crushed by the G forces.

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