Friday, July 10, 2009

Consumer Rants: United Breaks Guitars

I may bitch and moan in my blog about the crappy way customer relations departments in companies (especially airlines and rental cars) treat us passengers, but Dave Carrol went several steps further.

Dave, a musician by trade, wrote a song documenting his entire year-long ordeal with United Airlines - who broke his Taylor guitar, but refused to pay for it.

After more than a million people turned this song into a viral hit, United contacted Dave and offered to compensate him. Here's his reply:

I just wish I were this talented. But most of all i wish more stories would come out like this, in a humorous, entertaining way, and give those "relations" people some food for thought: it takes millions of dollars to buy a reputation, and one guy with a guitar to ruin it.

On that note: can someone teach me some chords? smile
And thanks to my friend Yaniv for sending me the original story.

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