Sunday, January 17, 2010

Chrome Extensions - continued

As you may recall, I developed 3 Chrome extensions, so I could learn about he environment and flex my AJAX muscles. 2 commenters alerted me to the fact that in following Chrome versions, the 'toolstrip' behavior I relied on would be deprecated, so I sat down to re-write 2 of the extensions to fit the new model (too many RSS extensions out there, so I left the third behind).

I made use of the new HTML5 features like localStorage, allowing me to save data locally; and the ability to include a properties page for the extension's data.

So, after some testing, I uploaded my extensions to an open source repository called (here and here) and then something strange has happened. Several well-known sites started publishing my extension for download (like CNet, ZDNet, VersionTracker and many others) - all, without notifying me or asking my permission. Fine, I thought, this is open-sourced software, and who cares how it gets distributed, as long as it does?

And then I got this: 2 sites, apparently related, called soft-files and soft-go (no links here- those bastards do not deserve them) started listing my extension AND SELLING IT FOR $3!!! This was no longer just irritating, but illegal. I wrote them an email asking to remove my extension from their site at once - no reply, but suddenly the "price" field changed to "Free!". I wrote the fraud department of their hosting service and got no reply from them either. May they all roast in internet hell.

In the meantime, Google rolled out its extensions repository (you'll need version 4.0.288 and higher - see my earlier posts). The easiest way to download new extensions is to select "Extensions" from the Wrench menu, and click the "Get more extensions" link at the bottom. so now you can download my extensions directly into your Chrome browser - just click this link to get the MyIP extension, or this one to get the StackOverflow one. Enjoy and comment. I'm already working an idea for a new one. Here's what my 2 extensions look like now:

MyIP Extension - shows your IP and location

StackOverflow Reputation extension - show's your reputation on the 3 SO sites

Properties Page for the StackOverflow extension

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