Saturday, July 17, 2010


It seems like everyone is doing a “Fail” post or column (heck, there’s a full blog dedicated to fails – warning: some is NSFW!). A “fail” is a picture containing a contradiction, or a stupidity that is clearly evident and could have been avoided if people had more between their ears Smile

Here are some samples I collected over the last few months while traveling around the US:

1. Where can I find the diet foods? Why, on aisle 9, near the candy, snacks and chips of course (taken at a supermarket at Cupertino – really expected more from these people Smile):

2. New Israeli kosher dish: Couscous with Shrimp. Next week: Indian beef (pardon the quality, tried snapping quickly with my phone without offending anyone):

070120100673. Ever wondered what’s the result of the equation you call “phone number”? Wonder no further. Apparently, if you type a phone number into Bing, it treats it as a calculation (found when I was looking for one of my old articles about 1-800 scams:
Good job Bing4. Question: if you have 100 channels, how long will it take you to flip through them on this TV? (Hampton Inn, Jacksonville, FL):
SAM_00175. This bottle has a smaller cap so we can save plastic and save the Earth, so we killed a tree to print this label and explain our smaller cap (Zephyrhills water bottle, made of 100% plastic and one dead tree):

6. The makers of this gate have written instruction of what to shout out in case this gate accidently closes on your car:

07012010070Let’s zoom in:
07012010070-zoomed7. Finally, an old-y but good-y fail I got from an Israeli news site.
This is a photo of a “Photografy Forbiden” (sic) sign contains so many fails. Wonder who was stupid enough to take it, and next to a cop, no less.
No photography!

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