Monday, January 17, 2011

Traveling Tech Guy, LLC

New year, new resolutions, new company.

I'm proud to announce my company is now incorporated. Traveling Tech Guy, LLC is a consulting company, focusing on delivering management, research and development services to technology-focused companies and teams. I started small in 2009, but things finally took off in 2010, making incorporation the only logical step.

This year I undertook several training projects, some unexpected backend development, some research projects and an exciting Cloud PHP development for an exciting new startup.

Right now, I'm hard at work managing 2 development teams, delivering an iPad and an MS Surface applications to an exciting new company.
This project is my dream job: cutting edge technologies, bright developers, travel and a customer who totally "gets it".

All this, while working on my own personal major project - more on that later.

As I have several more projects lined up, I may actually be hiring some help soon - too much for just one person to handle. The person I'm looking for is a bright young person, who'll answer the question "Have you heard of technology X?" by either "Yes, and I have an amazing open-source project to show you", or "No, but give me 10 minutes and I'll be an X-expert". If you know someone like that, drop me a note.

More exciting news coming soon.

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avi said...

Congrats and all the best :)