Wednesday, July 2, 2014


In my CES post, I told you about how excited I was to meet the Pressy guys, a Kickstarter project I backed. Well, 6 months have passed, and my Pressy finally arrived - way behind schedule. And as it turns out, way over the price of its competitors. To the right is the 'Klick', one of Pressy's cmpetitors, sold for quarter of the price, arrives in a nicer box, and available 2 months before Pressy was released.

To read my full review and impressions of the Pressy, the Klick, the Kickstarter project and more, please jump to my Medium article.

I'm currently trying a new micro-blogging platform called Medium. It allows fast posting of short stories, including simple, frictionless, online editing. Since this is my main blog, I'll include a reference to any Medium story I post, and you can always see all my stories at my Medium profile page.

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