Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I'm writing this in my hotel room in London. This is my 10th (or so) jet lag this month and while trying to sleep, I'm reflecting on the amount of travel I did in the last four weeks. In case you haven't caught on yet, the title of the post contains all the airport codes of the places I've visited in the last 4 weeks.

I truly feel exhausted. My next stop is RDU, by the way, and then, I'll finally return home to SJC through IAH again. All in all, if I could convert my miles to dollars, I'd be able to retire by year's end.

PS: Yes, I've been to London and Zürich twice.
PPS: airport codes cheat sheet:

Code Airport
SJC San Jose, CA
IAH Houston, TX
AMS Amsterdam, the Netherlands
ZUR Zürich, Switzerland
TLV Tel Aviv, Israel
LHR London, UK
EWR Newark, NJ
MIA Miami, FL
RDU Raleigh, NC


Anonymous said...

I just realized that I know all these codes and at least 10 more. Does it say anything about my work-life balance?? Don't answer!!

Traveling Tech Guy said...

Hey, if you work with me - it's no big deal for you. If not, I salute you. We can trade lounge tricks :)

Anonymous said...

I guess you'd prefer visiting airports whose names is like xml , mvs(i guess that one you dont) , .net (its an executable airport) , amd , vc7 and on and on.

Think of the other alternative - you could have lived all your life near Boston and never visit south of the border.

Traveling Tech Guy said...

Actually, the one I like most is SQL (Redwood City, CA - right by the Oracle offices). I liked it so much, I took my first flight lesson there...