Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Download This! - Windows Updates List

My computer is full of freeware and shareware utilities, tools, games etc.
very useful apps, for just the right price :) So I've decided to share them with you guys, in a set of posts titled "Download This!" Each one will contain one, or more such utilities. The format will include the tool's name, a short description, why do I like it and a download link.
All tools are ad-ware and virus free. In the future, you can just search for the "Download This" title, or go to the special label I've just added at
Also, you can submit comments with tools that you like and I'll include them in a future post.
Let's start:
The first tool, CPUZ, was actually covered at an earlier post, so let's skip to the second :):
Name: WindowsUpdateList.
What is it: a tool that lists all the MS Windows updates, patches, hotfixes, what do they solve, what do they contain and how to remove them.
Why do I like it: I no longer have to wonder what's in the new patch and can easily resolve problems that have to do with certain components.
Where do I get it?: here.

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