Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Flash Fights Back

In my first SilverLight post ("The Flash Killer"), I described how SilverLight supports HD video, as opposed to Flash. As expected, yesterday Adobe announced that the next Flash beta will support 1080p resolution (HD), through the H.264 codec. It still remains to be seen whether Flex (the Flash SDK, allowing for rich content web applications) can compete withe the ease of use and integration of SilverLight.


Anonymous said...

As stated in a prior email there is no fight in front of us Adobe is the clear and undisputed winner. Content (not technological bits and bytes) will determine the winner. SilverLight has a huge handicap to overcome, which IMHO will never happen.

Traveling Tech Guy said...

Thanks for the comment Jeff, but I have to disagree. I think Microsoft is targeting a different market with SL. Namely, business/web applications. In my opinion, they're going after the Flex part of Flash first. They have plenty of developers lined behind the technology, while Adobe has a crowd of graphic designers. When the .Net framework will become more rooted as a server side technology, WPF and SL would be the way to go to build smart UIs to access the back end.

Also, as I always point out, Microsoft can afford to wait Adobe out. Oh, and here's my prediction: Google will probably enter this race with their own visual SDK. And it'd be free, open sourced, easy to implement and using Google services at the back end.