Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tafiti - The First SilverLight REAL Application

A couple of posts ago, I've discussed a demo SilverLight application.
Well, here's the real deal of what we can expect from this future (still RC) technology:
presenting Tafiti - a new interface for Microsoft Live Search.
The name means "search" in Swahili (insert your eye roll here).

The interface allows searching web, images, feeds, news and books. It keeps your earlier searches (represented as a stack of papers on the left side) and allows you to save links you've liked on shelves on the right, and tag them.

[click images to enlarge]

Another interesting view of the search results is the Tree View, which shows you, er, a tree, with all your search results and how they are connected. The tree can be minimized, maximized, rotated and made full screen. Very nice, although not that useful to me. But gives you an idea of what will the next generation search engines would look like...

Read more reviews here.

PS: You'll need to download the SilverLight 1.0RC plugin to have the site running. If you have a previous version installed, my recommendation is to remove it manually before browsing to the site - the upgrade feature does not support beta versions :(
PPS: Be careful! Tafity (with a Y at the end) is an ad/spyware site! Found it out the hard way after typing it in. Remember Tafiti ends with an I.

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