Friday, October 19, 2007

Last Post from Schiphol - Sanitation Solutions

Well, actually I wrote this post in Schiphol, but couldn't upload it in time. So the upload time would show this was uploaded from the Houston TX airport, where I'm sitting in the lounge after I missed my connection (damn Continental - they allow an hour connection from an international flight to a domestic one - absolutely no way to make it, especially with the long lines at border control).

Three last thoughts about Schiphol:
  1. The lounges - absolutely no way to compare them to the drab Continental or Delta lounges in the US. Bigger, nicer, and with real food. The only lounge I've been to that was better than Schiphol's is in Zurich. Ah Europe...

  2. Being late - every couple of seconds, you hear the following message on the speakers "Mr. Smith, flying to London on flight 123, you are delaying the flight. Make your way to gate G3. We'll proceed to offload your luggage.". Not "or we'll proceed...". It seems like if your name is called out, you're screwed (or else, English syntax is not their strong suite) :)

    If there are any lady readers in the crowd, please skip this item - it's meant for men's eyes only.

  3. Urinals - the Schiphol sanitary department seems to have found the solution to the problem bothering mankind for thousands of years:
    men missing the urinal while answering nature's call. The solution? every urinal has a small fly sticker inside. The male instinct, since the hunter-gatherer's days, is to try and hit targets. If you hit the fly, the floor remains dry (hey, I just made a slogan :) -
    here's another one: Don't miss when you Piss ;) ).

That's it - back to the US...

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