Thursday, October 18, 2007

Social Bookmarks

If you look at the bottom of every post, you'll see links to several social bookmark services.

If you're a member in any of those, feel free to bookmark any post there.

If you are not yet aware of these services, here's a brief overview:
These web sites allow you to save bookmarks, comment on them, share them with whoever you like (or the entire world) and open the content to discussion. Here are some examples:
  1. Digg - the leader of the pack, with literally millions hits a day and a snazzy AJAX set of tools, this is Kevin Rose's main enterprise.
    Each article you submit can be "dugg" (favored by readers) and the most dugg stories appear on the front page - a status many geeks work hard to achieve :). So far, my posts yield , on average a modest 3-4 diggs (you need over a 1000 to be front page material).

  2. Technorati - I've already discussed this technical blog aggregator, and you can either "fave" the entire blog (link on the right), or now, specific posts.

  3. - the bookmark site that started them all. With a brilliant url (its name is its address), and a very spartan interface. I've been using this site for 3-4 years now, mainly to share my bookmarks across computers, or see what other people recommend in relation to my bookmark. Give it a try.

  4. StumbleUpon - a very nice idea, built around a Firefox toolbar. It slowly learns your web browsing preferences, and backed by reader recommendations, allows you to click a button, and "stumble" into a site you've never visited before - but would still fit your interests (sort of like getting lost on purpose in a new neighborhood you've moved into - just so you can learn the lay of the land).

  5. Reddit - this is Joel Spolsky's attempt at a social site. Due to the nature of his blog, this site turned out to be much more technical and software-development oriented than the rest (which is why I like it).
I do not use any of the rest, but if any of my reader do, you're welcome to bookmark my posts there.

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