Thursday, October 18, 2007

More Details About 7 Are Revealed

Back in July, I shared with you the name of Microsoft's next OS: 7.
Last week, in the University of Illinois, Eric Traut, a lead MS engineer, actually gave a demo of several features of the new OS, several years before it's release.

Eric discusses MiniWin - Microsoft new attempt to create a clean, minimal Windows kernel. I love the idea. Also covered are hypervisors (see my Windows 2008 post).

I'm not sure he intended for it to be filmed and shared. Still, MS has been known to "test the waters" that way before, demoing new technologies, generating buzz, or killing said technology if the buzz was extremely negative (Anyone remembers MS Bob?)

The presentation can be downloaded here. It's about an hour long, and covers a lot of ground. Or you can watch the 8 most interesting minutes online.

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