Monday, November 12, 2007

The Cheapest PC Available (Currently)

If you're on a budget, but would still like to edit Word documents, surf the web and chat with friends, then the Wal-Mart Everex is for you.

This PC costs $199 (no monitor provided), comes with a 1.5GHz Via processor, 512Mb Ram (expendable to 2Gb), a DVD-RW, a NIC and 80GB HD.

While this is not an ideal Windows machine, it comes with Linux pre-installed (gOS - can easily be changed to Ubuntu) and Open Office.

How popular is this computer? Wal-Mart's stock ran out, almost as soon as it was announced (although some branches may still have a few). If you look at the reviews page, you'll see most people really love it. The components are supposed to consume less electricity than comparable PCs, allowing you to use it as a server machine at home. For a $100 more you can get 1Gb of RAM and a Vista Home license (but why would you want that?)

In a future post I'll discuss how you can install Windows XP even on such a limited machine - making this purchase very attractive.

Find out more on the product page - good luck finding one!

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Ariel Tetro said...

Well, all is good in theory untill you read this review on PC Magazine:,2704,2227792,00.asp