Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Holiday Shopping Tips

Any self respecting tech blog has to have Christmas shopping tips. Here are a couple I came across last week, while shopping for the ultimate PMP (not a pimp - a Personal Media Player biggrin):
  1. Vulture mode - CompUSA is going out of business. They've already went through a wave of store closures, but beginning the end of the holidays and ending in March, they'll close the remaining 103 stores, and realize the real estate value.
    Very bad for the CompUSA employees, being sacked before Christmas - very good for sales hunters. Expect huge "going out of business" sales at your local branch.

  2. Circuit City - you can order almost anything, and select "store pickup" as your shipping method. This would allow you to pick it up immediately (if it's in stock).
    If you went the other way around (went to the store before visiting the site), the store will match any online deal. They'd just use a browser, and order it for you online, with "store pickup" smile).

  3. And speaking of Circuit City, their online deals last from Sunday to Saturday. I've ordered something on Saturday night for a store pickup, went that Sunday - and the deal was off. Ended up buying on Amazon - added a 2 day shipping and it was still cheaper smile.

  4. Fry's Electronics return policy is so great (14-30 days, full money back, no excuses), that I swear the return line is longer than the checkout line smile.
So which PMP did I pick, and why? That merits a whole new post.

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