Saturday, December 1, 2007

Where Was I? Oh, Yeah...

Call it a combination of lack of time and laziness, but I haven't blogged at all last week.

I spent Thanksgiving in NYC and continued to Boston from there. I can say one thing for certain: if I hear "Silent Night" one more time, I will go postal evil.

So here are some New York vignettes to warm your cold nights:
  1. Everyone got upset that the mayor of NY pushed the lighting of the Christmas tree one week, to "conserve energy" (he can conserve more if he pushes it to next year, in my humble opinion biggrin). Furthermore, the tree this year will be decorated with LED light bulbs.

  2. Apparently, the NYPD is running out of recruits, seeing as how they have Spongebob direct traffic:

  3. A long line went around the block, to get into the Abercombie & Fitch store on 5th avenue. While I was pondering who are those idiots and what are they waiting for, I heard from behind me "Sweet! This is a genius business plan! Let only 4 people in the store at a time: create a line outside and more pressure on the people inside to buy!" - 3 young MBA students (one can only assume) appreciated the situation for me.

  4. Central Park looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G in the fall. If I were more of a photography enthusiast (which, by judging my photos so far, you can clearly see I'm not), I could have spent an entire day there.

    One tidbit: a bum, lying on the floor and shouting at shoppers with bags full of whatever: "Hey, give me some money! You clearly don't need it, but I do!".

  5. One more thing I've learned this week: don't trust United Airlines. When they tell you a flight from Boston to San Francisco is "direct", they don't necessarily mean "non-stop". As I found this week, not only can they include stops, but they can charge you extra to change back to a "direct, non-stop" flight. Boo mad
That's it, now back to tech tips, news etc. The rest of the photos can be viewed here.

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